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Society Incorporation


Society Incorporation

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Society Overview

A society is an association of persons united together by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act jointly for some common purpose. Societies are usually registered for promotion of charitable activities like education, art, religion, culture, music, sports, etc., In India, The Societies Registration Act, 1860 lays down the procedure for society registration and operation in India. The Act has been adopted by most of the State Governments with/without modifications as considered by the respective State Governments.


Documents required for incorporation of society

The Societies Registration Act, 1860 lays down procedure for registration of societies for various bonafide purposes. The registration gives the society a legal status and is essential for:

obtaining registration and approvals under Income Tax Act;

lawful vesting of property in the societies;

provides authenticity and recognition to the society before all authorities and the world at large; and

for opening bank accounts and transaction of business.

When the society is registered, it and its members become bound to the same extent, as if each member had signed the memorandum. Once registered under the Societies Registration Act, the society must restrict its activities to the objects contained in its Memorandum. A society registered under the Act enjoys the status of a legal entity apart from the members constituting it. A society so registered is a legal entity/person similar to an individual but with no physical existence. As such it can acquire and hold property and can sue and be sued in its own name. The society should be registered under the Act to acquire the status of juridical person. In the absence of registration, all the trustees in charge of the fund have alone a legal status and the society has no legal status, and, therefore, it cannot sue and be sued. If a society is not registered, it may exist in fact and theory, but not in the eyes of law. If benefits are to be claimed, the registration of society under the Act us required. An unregistered society cannot claim benefits under the Income-tax act.


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