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GEM Registration


GEM Registration

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OVERVIEW GEM Registration

GEM portal (Government e-Marketplace) is an online portal launched by the government through which Government–it issues tenders for various day to day needs of different government organizations, public sector undertaking and departments. The main aim of introducing GEM portal is to enhance transparency, efficiency speed in public procurement as well as employment. By registering through this portal, the seller as well as buyer can buy or sell their products to the government.


Documents Required for Obtaining GEM Registration 

Authorised representatives of Central Government Departments, State Government Department, Public Sector Undertakings and Autonomous bodies can purchase through the Government E-Marketplace or GEM. The Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals has Authorised officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and equivalent for purchasing through GEM. Further, authorised officers can further authorise other officers of their Department to purchase on the Government Marketplace portal. For a Government officer to be registered as a buyer on the Government E-Marketplace, the following details are required:

    • AADHAR Number
    • Mobile number
    • Official or NIC email
    • Class 3 Signature Certificate
    • Authorisation of competent authority of their Department


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