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ESI/PF Registration Basic


ESI/PF Registration Basic


TaxMetrica ESI/PF Return Basic Package Plan

  • ESI  Registration
  • EPF Registration

This is One time Fees

Service Provide Within due Days



Documents Required for ESIC Registration

  • A registration certificate is obtained either under the:
    • Factories Act, or
    • Shops and Establishment Act
  • Certificate of Incorporation in case of Company, and Partnership deed in case of a Partnership
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company
  • A list of all the employees working in the Establishment
  • PAN Card of the Business Entity as well as all the Employees working under the entity
  • The compensation details of all the employees
  • A canceled cheque of the Bank Account of the Company
  • List of Directors of the Company
  • List of the Shareholders of the Company
  • A register containing the attendance of the employees.


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