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Merger & Acquisition Advisory


We are providing auditing service to our client that assist them better management of a company at various function. In digital era global transaction is increasing and significant changes are coming in auditing structure. Our auditing services ensuring compliance with policies, reporting inefficiency, detection and prevention of leakage of income. Our auditing service provide assurance to stakeholder, management in order to identify the potential risk and suggest control of risk.

Type of auditing service we are providing

  • Statutory Audit of Companies
  • Tax Audit for companies, Trust, Society , Firm and Individual
  • Information System Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Analysis services
  • Stock Audit
  • Physical Verification Services

Related Services

Management accounting focuses on the measurement, analysis and reporting of information that can help managers in making decisions to fulfil the goals of an organization. In management accounting, internal measures and reports are based on cost-benefit analysis.

Tax accounting in the United States concentrates on the preparation, analysis and presentation of tax payments and tax returns. The U.S. tax system requires the use of specialised accounting principles for tax purposes which can differ from the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for financial reporting.

Depending on its size, a company may be legally required to have their financial statements audited by a qualified auditor, and audits are usually carried out by accounting firms.

  • One
  • Two
  • Three


A professional accounting team, with international experience will bring you high end expert service. We take care of everything, from book keeping, archiving, accounting, tax consulting and taking care of you accounts.


We offer a 24 hour line for consulting free of charge in our golden package. Our service is highly confidential as our client list.

We help you focus

Why should you be stacked in administration and accounting work. We take the burden off your shoulder’s and help you focus on what really matters to get your business growing.


With our archiving capacities and constant education of our staff, monitoring ever changing regulations and global finance requirements we are sure we can be a valuable ally in your expansion.

There is no “one” value for a business. The value of a business depends on the context. Let’s look at two examples.


If you are transferring your business to your children, you will probably want to minimize the value to reduce the tax burden.


On the other hand, if you are selling to a third party buyer, you want to maximize the value of your business. The best way to get there is to have multiple buyers vying for your business. As you go through the negotiation process with the various buyers, market forces will ultimately determine the value of your business.


Before you take your business to market, you want to have a discussion with a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory firm like ours to provide you with an expert perspective on the possible value range for your business as well as the current market conditions for your type of business.


We can also help you orchestrate a formal valuation by an independent appraiser. The appraiser would use a variety of methods (asset approach, market approach, discounted cash flows and others) to compute a fair market value for your business. Though the appraised value is not necessarily the price your business will sell for, it will give you an excellent foundation to make the decision whether you should go to market or not.


The use of an independent appraiser also allows you to cross-validate the value range indicated by the M&A advisor.

You want to sell, when the market for businesses is strong, your business is on the upslope of its lifecycle and you are truly motivated.

Buyers are most interested in buying companies with a bright future. The better the outlook from the buyers’ perspective, the more they are willing to pay.

Selling a business takes time. Typically, the sale of a business takes 9 to12 months from the moment you decide to go to market. In reality, the process often takes longer due to transition planning, transaction preparation related activities prior to go-to-market and post-transaction seller involvement requested by the buyer.

As the market for businesses is notoriously cyclical, you need to carefully time your sale. Ideally, you want to sell when the market prospects are good. Because our firm is specialized in this space, we can keep you abreast of the market trends.


You would need to find a third party buyer. Conceptually, there are four types of buyers:

  • Private buyers tend to be high net worth individuals, generally from the corporate world. They are looking to invest in growth, provide themselves a comfortable income and enjoy the satisfaction of owning their own business.
  • Financial buyers invest in companies to leverage their capital to realize superior returns.  Private Equity Firms offer business owners an immediate exit or investment funds to grow. They look for strong management and offer opportunities for substantial returns to both seller and management. Recently, financial buyers have driven the market to pay higher multiples for acquisitions.
  • Strategic buyers can derive synergies from the acquisition. Their reasons for acquisition include increased market share, technology, intellectual property, high quality management, vertical and/or horizontal integration.
  • Industry buyers are players in the same or similar industries. They may be strategic buyers or they may be looking for deals to pick up a struggling competitor or a company that went to market ill-prepared.


The challenge is to find buyers that are willing to pay a premium for your business. A strategic buyer is the most likely candidate for this, because they can leverage one ore more of your company’s core competencies.

The best way to optimize the value of your business is to have multiple buyers vying for your business. They may each have different motivations to acquire your company and end up competing for the business thus drive up the price.

In every engagement, the challenge is to find multiple candidates interested in your business. Only when multiple buyers – with different motivations – are competing will you obtain maximum value.

Finding these buyers is no easy task. We conduct a competitive analysis on your industry to identify strategic and industry buyers. We also research databases of private equity groups and other financial investors to find out, if your company meets their investment criteria.

In our profession we have saying: “One buyer is no buyer.” When this occurs, you don’t have a buyer. Instead, the buyer has you. This is a bad bargaining position to be in.

When this happens to you, you should be very careful. If you are unsure whether you want to sell, but merely want to test the market, you are probably better off not engaging in any discussions with the prospective buyer. A rumor may start spreading in the market that you are selling, before you realize it. This could cause serious damage to your business.

If you are serious about selling, your best option is engaging a professional business intermediary to help you review the offer and advise you about possible alternatives.

We believe that no single advisor has all the skills needed to help you successfully sell your business. To get things rights you need the competencies of an attorney, CPA, financial planner and sometimes other expert advisors (business appraiser, environmental experts, industrial psychologist and others).

We pride ourselves in always take the role of the quarterback for the transactions. We lead the team of advisors to help you successfully navigate the process leading to an optimal transaction. We believe teamwork is the key factor to success.

Do not sit still, but start preparing now. All business owners should have an exit plan even if they are not ready to sell. To learn more about this, visit the exit planning section of this website.