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Incorporation of Business

India has been identified as one of the fastest-growing major developing economies in the world, its service and manufacturing industry being the key contributor. India is going through a phase of extraordinary economic liberation and is encouraging foreign direct investment by granting more accessibility to its massive and diverse market. For these reasons, many companies are now targeting expansion by starting their own business in India. Foreign investors and Indians can register various types of business entities in India. Depending on the purpose, goals, initial investment, and the duration (short term/long term) of business, investors can decide the structure for their business. Read on to learn more about opening your company in India and the types of business entities in India.

Main Types Of Business Entities In India:

1. Proprietorship


2. Limited liability partnership

Limited liability Partnership

3. Private limited

Private Limited


4. Public limited

Public Limited

5. One Person Company

One Person Company

6. Foreign Company

Foreign Company


7. Producer company

Producer Company (F)

8. Nidhi Company

Nidhi Company (F)