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Startup Consulting

The national startups has several loopholes. While the setting up a business tried clearing many a few still prevail. Due to lack of proper knowledge, startup burdened with extra finance crises that were filled with a great collapse . TaxMetrica worked as a clear solution to a heavily documented tax system that was previously followed.

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SME/MSME Consulting

The medium-sized organizations require standard plans and keep it simple. As a good consulting firm we maintain track record and analysis of work patterns and suggest a future scope for the concerned sector. This results in a feasible plan for your business that also adds value to your clients.

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NRI Tax Consulting

We understand that NRI Clients in the market have unique needs and requirements. As a company, we approach and inspect the requirements closely to come up with an ideal solution which has no room for error. With a dedicated professional team, we provide you with the best NRI taxation and accounting compliance consulting.

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For a quick expert consulting for Taxation, send us your info, by filling out the form at contact us. Our accounting experts will guide you the best possible way for your business to run as smooth as it can.


GST Consulting

We understand the importance of compliances by doing compliance on time you can save a lot of money instead of paying interest, penalty & late fee, etc.

Our GST Team experts will build you the best possible offer for your business to run as smooth with compliance on regularly basis

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Income Tax Consulting

There is a lot of provision under income tax which still creating confusion for businessman, salary class person, and the normal person on the transaction which they are doing a daily basis, e.g. sale of the property, dealing in a cash transaction, and applicability of TDS.

We understand these problems if these compliance will not be done on a timely basis than assessee can come under the radar of Department.

Our Direct Team & experts will provide you consultancy on the regular matter with the best possible offer suitable for you.

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Start your Start Up

If you have an Idea and want to set up that Idea under a Startup Program Taxmetrica will provide you professional help in every possible way

Smart Start Up

Incorporation of Business

Having  hassle in incorporation of business with proper format so TaxMetrica will provide you right advice for your business sustainability.

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CSR & NGO Advisory

If you are looking for CSR , NGO & Trust Advisory , TaxMetrica will assist for every possible professional services

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Project Finances and Loan Syndication

Let our dedicated staff take care of all your project finances services. Paperwork, contracts, legal whatever you want, we , Taxmetrica take care of all the important  processes.

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Our Experience, Skills & Expertise.

We bring you the best possible solutions for the growth and prosperity of your business.


Individual Clients




Other than Corporate i.e. NGO/Trust



About us

A professional accounting team, with international experience.

We take care of everything

VMR Business advisors LLP found in 2016 now represent Tax Metrica Advisors LLP.

Tax metrica is one of the leading management consulting firms which create their brand value in a very short period of time with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire & by achieving a better result for our clients.

We are an assertive firm providing our clients with a full range of services, Our offices are located in Delhi, & NCR

Because our firm is smaller than the national MNC firms, we maintained close and open relationships with each of our clients. With a commitment to the client by providing the highest quality services while retaining a small-town.

Our firm is known for the quality of its service we provide timely service to our clients.

Firms have specialization in the Setup of accounting systems in Startup as well as an existing organization according to current taxation legislation. As well as daily, monthly, Quarterly & Yearly  compliances under Income Tax Act,1961, GST Act, 2017, Companies Act 2013,

The firm also handling outsourcing accounting assignments and the firm has vast 4 years of experience in that field with theses industry Custom house agents, Foods Service Industry, All types of Goods Traders, the Coaching industry, GTA(Goods Transport Agency), Trust and Society.



Our Blog

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical
actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

Budget update 2021

Budget update 2021

  • February 2, 2021
  • by admin

Short Summary Union Budget Discussion 2021   Economic Reforms & Schemes – Budget highlights 2021   The overall capital expenditure for FY 2021-22 is Rs.5.54 lakh crore. Since the healthcare sector’s improvement is the need-of-the-hour, FM proposed a new centrally…

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Incorporate, Due Diligence, Compliance, Accounting, Certification, Taxation, Project Reports etc. Just Leave at us we, TaxMetrica will take call this.

As an NGO it is difficult to find a reliable consultant or professional for Registration for 12 A and 80 G under Income Tax Act, because of the tough and difficult process. Though I’m happy as I found Tax Metrica, Professional Company, who not only stands on commitment but also so professional in paper work and compliance.

R.S. Puri

JVM Trust

I am exceptionally satisfied with Tax Metrica. Tax Metrica provide very specialized service for all tax needs for incorporation, accounting and taxes. I have referred several colleagues and they are all very happy with the service and expertise.

Mr. Ashok Bindumadvan

Asian Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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Jane Doe

Naturepainting CEO

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John Doe

Rockport CEO

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